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Independent Community Bankers Association of New Mexico

Upcoming Webinars

Check out our calendar to see all the webinars being held each month. Do a category "webinar" search and it will pull up all the webinars with links to more information and registration. 


Recorded Webinar + Free Digital DownloadAvailable for purchase up to six months after the presentation date.

2017 Webinar Series:

Account Documentation Series- Topics included:
  • Compliance & Due Diligence at Account Opening
  • Opening Deposit Accounts Online: Rules, Risks, & Best Practices
  • Non-Resident Alien Accounts: Opening Tax ID Numbers, IRS Issues, & More
  • Closing or Changing Deposit Accounts for Consumers & Businesses 
  • Minor Account: Ownership, Documentation, & Access
  • Accepting Powers-of-Attorney on Deposit Accounts

ACH Specialist Series- Topics included:
  • Direct Deposit Tax Refunds: Posting & Exceptions
  • ACH Rules Update 2017
  • Complex ACH Origination Issues for ODFIs: Compliance, Exceptions, & Monitoring
  • Same-Day ACH: Preparing for Processing Debits, Effective September 15, 2017
  • RDFI Returns: 2 Days vs 60 Calendar Days - Understanding the Difference
  • Federal Government ACH Payments: Reclamations & Garnishments

BSA Compliance Series  - Topics Included:
  • FinCENs CDD Rules & BSA Compliance: Why Preparing Now for 5th Pillar is Critical
  • BSA Compliance Hotspots: Regulators, Litigation, Policies & Procedures
  • New BSA Officer Training
  • Job Specific BSA for Deposit Operations: SAR Monitroing, 314(a) Requests & CIP
  • Job Specific BSA Training for the Frontline: CTRs, SARs, CIP & More
  • Job Specific BSA Compliance for Lenders

Directors Series
- Topics included
  • Risk & Capital in Strategic Planning for the Board
  • The Board Evaluation Process: Steps, Tools, & More
  • What the Board Needs to Know About Vendor Management
  • Raising Capital as an Independent Community Bank
  • Rules & Trends in Executive Compensation
  • Required Compliance for the Board & Senior Management

Real Estate Series
- Topics included
  • Understanding TRID Tolerance Cures
  • CFPB Real Estate Loan Collection Rules for Mortgage Servicers & Your Bank
  • Adverse Action in Mortgage Lending: Are You In Compliance?
  • Appraisals & Evaluations for Consumer Real Estate Lending: Interagency Guidance
  • Regulator Issues & FAQs
  • ARM & Balloon Payments: Clarifying the Confusion
  • Mortgage Loan Disclosure Timing Issues

Regluation E Series - Topics included
  • Handling Provisional Credit Under Regulation E: Rules, Best Practices, & FAQs
  • Regluation E Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution: Processing, Disclosure & Investigation
  • How To Handle Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfers Under RegulationE
  • Regulation E Fundamentals: Back to Basics
  • Comparing Regulation E with Visa & MasterCard Rules
  • Auditing for Regulation E Compliance

Risk Management Series
- Topics Included
  • Developing an Enterprise - Wide Risk Assessment
  • Developing a Risk-Based Compliance Audit For Your Loan Portfolio
  • Conducting an RDC Risk Assessment: Compliance Findings & Regulatroy Guidance
  • Conducting a Fair Lending Risk Assessment
  • Establishing or Maturing Your Vendor Risk Management Program
  • ACH Risk Management & Assessment: Risk, Control, & Ratings