Associate Members

abrigo (Formerly Banker's Toolbox)
Persis Tuttle, Sr. Marketing Partnerships Mgr.
5444 Wade Park Blvd., Ste. 400
Raleigh, NC  27607
Phone:  (919) 259-5142
(abrigo helps community financial institutions manage risk and drive growth.  Their solutions automate key processes - from anti-money laundering to fraud detection to lending solutions - empowering our customers by addressing their Enterprise Risk Management needs.)

Advantage Health Plans Trust
Jay Kempton, Plan Administrator
13431 Broadway Extension, Suite 130
Oklahoma City, OK  73114
Phone:  (800) 521-1711
(Advantage Health Plans Trust, offers services meant to help make your life just a little easier. Whether you need comprehensive medical coverage or a voluntary product such as vision coverage for your employees, you can trust that all of their products come with the same excellent customer service and bank focus they strive to provide every day. All of these products are offered on one consolidated bill, and you call just one number with any questions you might have. We also assist you by offering both HIPAA administration and COBRA administration at no cost to you.)

Chris Bates, CEO
4500 I-55 North, Suite 232
Jackson, MS 39211
Phone: (601)366-7370  Fax: (601)977-5224
(AgoraEversole specializes in delivering results to community banks through comprehensive and traditional marketing services, graphic design, website design and management, SEO, digital advertising, and social media.)

Askew Law Firm
James Askew
1122 Central Ave SW, Ste #1
Albuquerque, NM  87102
Phone: (505) 433-3097
(Askew Law Firm represents all types of parties having interests in business bankruptcy cases, commercial litigation, and collection matters throughout the State of New Mexico.)

Bank Compensation Consulting
Rich Bratten, Regional Managing Director
1004  Big Goose Rd
Sheridan, WY 82801
Main Phone: (303) 482-1844  Cell: (307) 763-0070  
(Bank Compensation Consulting (BCC) specializes in assisting financial institutions with the evaluation of their compensation programs nationwide to help community banks attract, retain, and incentivize key personnel.  With BCC’s help, banks identify opportunities to create customized plans that align the interests of shareholders, directors, and officers while ensuring that all regulatory, tax and acccounting issues are properly evaluated and addressed.  BCC also helps identify ways to offset the cost of plans with Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI), representing all of the major BOLI providers in the market. BCC has helped more than 600 banks in 40 states with an expert team that includes CPAs, CFPs, attorneys, MBAs, and current/former bank directors. Regional Managing Director Richard Bratten, a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), has worked in this market for over two decades, bringing unparelled expertise and proactive, high touch service to community bankers. BCC is committed to providing best in class service to their clients with their in-house team of professionals and proprietary service platform, backed by their SAS70/SSAE16/SOC certification.)

BHG Financial
Kathleen Connellan, VP, Institutional Relationships
201 Solar Street
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone: (315) 415-0300

(BHG Financial is transforming the financial industry; leveraging the power of data, analytics, and the creator of the largest community bank network in the country. Since 2001, BHG has originated more than $9 billion in loan solutions to top-quality borrowers, which community and midsize banks can purchase via The BHG Loan Hub. Loan Hub:  Since 2001, BHG has originated $9.4 billion in loan solutions to top-performing borrowers, which community banks can purchase through a state-of-the-art platform: The BHG Loan Hub. To date, 1,400+ banks have diversified their portfolios and earned nearly $1 billion in combined interest income by trusting in BHG's time-tested and proven assets.)

B:Side Capital
Monica McCaslin
150 Washington Ave., Ste. 201-220
Santa Fe, NM  87501
Phone:  (505) 692 -2018
(As a Certified Development Company and Lender Service Provider, B:Side Capital is committed to serving lending partners in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona through Small Business Administration 504 and 7(a) loans. We care about creating access to responsible capital for small businesses and being a resource for banks and entrepreneurs alike. Together with our sister company B:Side Fund, we strive to empower underserved markets- fostering economic growth and job creation through SBA and direct lending. The services we offer to lenders are solutions to financing requests that they otherwise would not be able to provide under their institution's conventional credit policy. Since 1990, we are proud to have funded nearly 4,100 small business loans, helping to create over 30,000 jobs injecting $4.98 billion into the economy. )

Capital Asset Resources
Taylor Cromer, Sales Associate/Marketing & Advertising
516 Silicon Drive
Southlake, TX  76092
Phone:  (817) 416-8347
(Capital Asset Resources (CAR) was formed in 2011 by finance professionals to provide tailored financial solutions including commercial and equipment leasing products and services for clients interested in the tax advantages provided by leasing.)

Civitas Bank Solutions (a Bankers' Bank of the West Bancorp Inc. Subsidiary)
Anne Benigsen, President
1099 18th Street, Ste. 200
Denver, CO  80202
Phone: (303) 291-3700   Fax: (303) 291-3710
(CivITas Bank Solutions was founded to meet the needs articulated by community banks for real-world technology and information security services at reasonable prices. CivITas Bank Solutions and its affiliate, Bankers’ Bank of the West, are subject to the same audits and exams as community banks, distinguishing us from other providers. We are mission-driven to champion community banking with a bank-centered approach as part of a broader long-term relationship.)

CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
Jerry McMillon, Managing Principal
5001 Spring Valley Rd., Ste. 600W
Dallas, TX  75244
Phone:  (972) 383-5763  Fax:  (972) 383-5750
(CLA exists to create opportunities for their clients, our people, and their communities through industry-focused wealth advisory, outsourcing, audit, tax, and consulting services. With more than 6,200 people, 120 U.S. locations, and a global affiliation, CLA promises to know you and help you.)

Community Bankers Webinar Network
P.O. Box 1780
Helena, MT 59624
Phone:  (406) 442-2585 fax: (406) 442-2357
(Serving community bankers for 40 years, Financial Education & Development, Inc. and the Community Bankers Webinar Network currently partner with 32 community bankers associations to deliver quality webinar training for bankers in all 50 states. The synergy of these relationships allows us to successfully deliver more than 150 webinars annually, covering critical issues for every level of the financial institution.)


Zachary Burkholder, Account Manager 
5225 South Loop 289, Ste 207
Lubbock, TX  79424
Phone: (806) 687-8600  Fax: (806) 687-8511
(CoNetrix specializes in providing security, compliance, and IT consulting for community banks. Our offerings include IT Audits & Vulnerability Assessments; External Penetration Tests; Information Security Programs; Tandem Security & Compliance Software, an innovative suite of solutions used by over 1,400 financial institutions for Cybersecurity, Risk  Assessment, Business Continuity Planning, Vendor Management,  Information Security Policies, Audit  Management, Phishing and more; managed network services; and Aspire Cloud Hosting with options for disaster recovery, Exchange hosting and secure file sharing.)
Corrigan & Company, an Advisor Firm to M Benefit Solutions 
Michael Corrigan, Chairman & CEO
32 East Sola Street
Santa Barbara, CA  93101
Toll Free: (800) 456-3377 Fax: (901) 523-3620
(For over almost thirty years, Corrigan & Company has worked with financial institutions in the highly specialized areas of Bank and Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI/COLI). They design and administer programs that are customized to meet their client’s objectives in the areas of Employee and Executive Benefits, Retirement Plans, and Deferred Compensation Programs.)

CRA Partners
David Lenoir, President & CEO 
8700 Trail Lake W., Ste. 140
Memphis, TN  38125
Phone: (901) 529-4781  Fax: (805) 962-50535
(CRA Partners is a turnkey CRA compliance program established to create safe and secure living environments for the elderly with help from local banks.  We have helped hundreds of community banks across the country protect residents of low-income senior housing facilities through our trusted Senior Crimestoppers program.  Partner with us and you will satisfy your bank's CRA Requirements, boost your community relations profile and develop new business relationships, while ensuring safe, secure senior living environments, HUD communities, and state veterans homes.  With hundreds of banks already participating in our program, we are protecting thousands of seniors and veterans across America.  Powered by Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation.

Computer Services, Inc (CSI)
Zaid Akhter, Regional Vice President of Sales
2950 E. Harmony Road, Suite 270
Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: (800) 545-4274
(As a forward-thinking software provider, Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) helps community and regional banks solve their customers’ needs through open and flexible technologies. In addition to its award-winning core banking platform, these include the latest in lending, digital banking, payments, financial crime prevention and cybersecurity. Building on its nearly 60-year track record of personalized service, CSI is shaping the future of banking and empowering its customers to rival their competition.)

Edwards & Associates, LLC
M. Scott Edwards, Principal
20 Esquila Road
Santa Fe, NM 87508
Phone: (505) 263-5796   Fax: (505) 417-5028
(The firm has provided thirty years of financial advisory services in the areas of internal audit, loan review, appraisal review, compliance, policies, and A&D for financial institutions. During their histories, the firms have provided consulting services to over a hundred community Banks through at least two economic cycles.)

Eide Bailly LLP
Gary Smith, Partner-in-Charge
1850 N Central Ave, Ste 400
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 264-8031
(Eide Bailly sees it every day—more regulations. More competition. More technology needs. Financial institutions are continually being asked to do more with the same resources. It’s the new normal for the industry, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Having a trusted advisor by your side can help you relieve that strain and put your attention back where it belongs—on your customers.)

Enchantment Land Certified Development Company
Mayling Armijo, Executive Director
6500 Jefferson NE., Ste 200
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: (505) 200-0468  Fax: (505) 764-91530
(Whether you’re a lender financing a commercial mortgage loan, an entrepreneur wanting a business expansion loan, or a broker seeking low-risk options for small business loans, the 504 loan program offers many advantages with low-down payments and fixed interest rates for terms of up to 20 years.)

ePay Resources
Stacy Turner, Director, Member & Industry Relations
1999 Bryan Street Suite 950
Dallas, TX 75201
Main: (800) 475-0585  Fax: (214) 438-4515
(ePayResources™ has been empowering financial institutions and businesses to be informed, compliant, and competitive for over 45 years by providing payments expertise, education, compliance support, professional development, and industry leadership.  We are one of the nation’s largest payments associations and founding sponsor of the Center for Payments.)

Bill Wayland, Vertical Banking, VP
8601 President Place, NE, Ste. B
Albuquerque, NM 87113
Phone: (505) 346-3555  Fax: (505) 883-9572
(Everon can help manage your organization’s risks with custom integrated solutions to help cover all your locations—inside and out. Their local team will tailor your systems to meet the specific needs of each facility.)

FISERV Solutions, Inc.
Logan Marvin, Sales Executive, Bank Solutions
4400 Westown Parkway, Suite 200
West Des Moines, IA  50266
Phone: (515) 224-8128
(FISERV Solutions integration environment empowers you to deliver new solutions and services more quickly and efficiently, creating a truly unified cross-channel customer experience.  Financial institutions need the agility to react quickly to rapidly changing technology, new competitors, and rising customer expectations. To help you keep pace and continue delivering the satisfying experiences customers demand, Fiserv employs a unique approach to integration and is quickly advancing our open banking strategy.)

Fortner, Bayens, Levkulich & Garrison, P.C.
Fran V. Sponsler, Shareholder and Director of Compliance Services
1580 Lincoln Street, Ste 700
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303) 296-6033  Fax: (303) 296-8553
(Fortner, Bayens, Levkulich & Garrison, P.C.  uses their banking knowledge and unique perspectives to identify opportunities and develop creative solutions for our clients. The firm's growth and success is due to our client-driven approach. You work directly with a shareholder, who will tailor their services to best meet your institution's needs. You can entrust them to provide expert guidance to ensure your prosperity.)

Giddens & Gatton Law, P.C.
George "Dave" Giddens
10400 Academy Road NE, Ste. 350
Albuquerque, NM 87111
Phone: (505) 271-1053
(Giddens & Gatton Law, P.C. assist bankers in developing effective, timely solutions that best fit their needs. Their lawyers will walk you through the various strategies you can pursue, explain the benefits of pursuing each strategy, and make recommendations on minimizing losses. They want to maximize return for you in bankruptcy matters and help to avoid challenges, if possible.)

ICBA Payments
Tina Giorgio, President/CEO
1615 L Street NW Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (800) 242-4770  Fax: (202) 659-3606
(ICBA Bancard provides community banks with access to comprehensive, affordable payments solutions with the best group pricing, service levels, and unique benefits that would otherwise not be available to individual banks. ICBA Bancard is the 11th largest debit card issuer and the 24th largest credit card issuer in the United States (Source: The Nilson Report.)

ICBA Reinsurance
Stephen Ello, President/CEO
1615 L Street NW Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (888) 790-6625 (ext. 3506)  Fax: (202) 659-3607
(ICBA Reinsurance is a credit insurance program you can trust with a  proven record of success and profitability. A subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), ICBA Reinsurance is run by community bankers for the benefit of community bankers. ICBA Reinsurance wrote its first piece of business in 1999, and has paid 19 consecutive dividends to its shareholder banks and is backed by the strength of  ICBA's more than 90 years of providing community bankers with quality products and services. Learn more about ICBA Reinsurance.)

ICBA Securities Corporation
Jim Reber, President/CEO
775 Ridge Lake Blvd., Suite 190
Memphis, TN 38120
Phone: (800) 422-6442  Fax: (901) 762-5333
(ICBA Securities provides a full suite of investment products and services for community banks through its exclusively endorsed broker, Stifel.  Included are traditional debt securities, interest rate products, whole loans, and M&A and bank valuation services. Stifel also has state-of-the-art asset/liability and bond accounting products. It offers investment banking services through KBW.  ICBA Securities, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ICBA, provides a full calendar of educational events for community bankers and investment professionals.  ICBA Securities is endorsed by 34 affiliated state banking associations, and is the only broker/dealer owned by the community banking industry.)

ICBA Services Network
Kevin Tweddle, Sr. EVP, Community Bank Solutions
1615 L. Street NW, Ste. 900
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 866-843-4222
(Because life is busy, the convenience of exploring all the services to enhance the franchise value of your community bank in one place is important. Start your search of all the ICBA services and preferred provider solutions to gain access to high-quality products and services, best-in-class pricing, and educational tools and training.)

IntraFi Network (Formerly Promontory Interfinancial Network)
Bryan Harper, Managing  Director
1300 N 17th Street, Suite 1800
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (866) 776-6426 ext 3422
(Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi NetworkSM. Having built the largest bank network of its kind, we’re a trusted ally to community banks that never competes with banks for their customers and that helps them to attract and maintain valuable customer relationships, grow reciprocal deposits, manage liquidity and generate fee income, diversify funding, and reduce collateralization. Work with the market leader to grow profitability and increase franchise value.)

Lewis Roca LLP
Karen L. Witt
1200 17th St., Ste 3000
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (303) 628-9586  Fax: (303) 623-9222

(Since 1903, Lewis Roca has been working with clients in the banking and financial services industry. We help banks, broker-dealers, insurance entities, and other financial services institutions navigate an increasingly complex business terrain. Our lawyers are well-versed in the unique overlay of regulatory issues and market dynamics that complicate business in this sector, from fluctuating interest rates to increased state insurance regulations and the globalization of financial markets.)

Money Handling Machines Inc.
Mark Grimes, President
1043 N. Stadem Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: (480) 804-1877  Fax: (505) 247-3213
(MHM, sales and service of machines that move and count cash and coin, which include ATM’s, Teller cash dispensers and recyclers, coin sorters, currency counters/ discriminators, and coin wrappers.  They provide sales and service of financial equipment for community financial institutions in New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and have many service partners in several other states.)

Moss Adams
Dhaval Patel, Partner In Charge
6565 Americas Pkwy, Ste 600
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: (505) 878-7200 Fax: (505) 878-7282
Moss Adams delivers a full spectrum of accounting, consulting, and wealth management solutions. With over 4,750 professionals across 30+ locations, we guide clients at all development intervals – from institutions-in-organizations to multibranch and multistate banks, plus start-ups and banks with billions of dollars in assets, our professionals serve clients across the spectrum of the banking industry. With more than 35 years of bank experience, additional services we provide are enterprise risk management, regulatory compliance, internal audit services, internet security assessments and merger and acquisition services.

New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
Isidoro "Izzy" Hernandez, Executive Director
344 4th Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: (505) 767-2223  Fax: (505) 243-3289
(The NMFA is a self-supporting quasi-governmental entity that provides financing to make quality affordable housing and other related services available to low- and moderate-income New Mexicans. Using funding from housing bonds, tax credits and other federal and state agencies, MFA provides resources to build affordable rental communities, rehabilitate aging homes, supply down payment assistance and affordable mortgages, offer emergency shelter and administer rental assistance and subsidies. MFA partners with lenders, REALTORS, nonprofit organizations, local governments, tribal communities and developers throughout the state to make these programs and services available to all eligible New Mexicans.)

New Mexico Small Business Investment Corporation (NMSBIC)
Russ Cummins, Executive Director/Investment Advisor
PO Box 1211
Tijeras, NM 87059
Phone: (505) 274-7789   Fax: (505) 213-0048
(A non-profit whose purpose is to stimulate the local economy and create jobs in New Mexico, by providing funds for new or growing small businesses. We provide gap funding for new or growing small businesses that don’t fit the requirements of SBA, USDA, or traditional bank loans. We provide funding for New Mexico CDFI’s including The Loan Fund, Accion, and WESST, and will consider participations in small business loans with community banks.)

NFP Executive Benefits
Harry L. "Trey" Deupree III, Senior Consultant
8105 Linksview Dr.
McKinney, TX 75072
Phone: (972) 672-8245
(With 1,250 BOLI clients, NFP Executive Benefits provides customized solutions for designing and financing benefit programs to recruit, retain, and reward key officers and directors. We provide our clients with timely, accurate documentation and regulatory compliance support. Our team includes individuals with significant BOLI and benefits administration expertise, regulatory experience as well as one of the industry’s most recognized experts on accounting and tax matters. NFP Executive Benefits has the exclusive endorsement of the American Bankers Association for the implementation and administration of both BOLI and executive and director benefit plans, and also has the endorsement of ten state banking associations. Call Trey Deupree* at 972.672.8245 or visit:

Payday HCM
Keith Edwards, Area Manager
5011 Indian School Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: (505) 255-5433  Cell: (505) 463-2566  Fax: (877) 659-6378
(Payday HCM, formerly Payday, Inc., provides core administrative support in staffing, HR consulting, benefits administration, and provides a platform for companies to conduct self-services timekeeping and payroll processing. Payday HCM has provided workforce management services for businesses in the Southwest since 1985, from hire to retire.)

Performance Trust Capital Partners
Paul Drake, Director
500 W Madison, Ste 450
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone: (312) 521-1125
(Strong community financial institutions have helped America grow since our country was founded. From its inception in 1994, Performance Trust Capital Partners has been focused on two objectives: building accurate and revolutionary analytics that measure the risks and rewards of cashflows and building an educational platform that identifies ways to achieve improved results across the balance sheet and capital structure of an institution. Performance Trust is the largest full-service investment bank focused on community depository  Institutions. Our scale and capabilities have increased significantly, but we still get up each morning with the same mission we had in 1994.)

Raymond James
Josh Trapp, Senior Vice President, Fixed Income Sales
34851 Emerald Coast Parkway, Suite 200
Destin, FL  32541
Phone:  (850) 269-8028
(Raymond James offers Financial Services for New Mexico Community Banks.  These services include, but are not limited to, Asset/Liability Management, Bond Accounting, Investment Portfolio Modeling through our online eFolio system, Agency and Non-Agency Securities Trading, Specialisted Research Team, Independent Strategies Group and BOLI solutions.  Raymond James is capable of modeling in a current shocked environment or to analyze over a time horizon allowing customers to make informed decisions when managing the investment portfolio.)

Rodey Law Firm
John Salazar
PO Box 1888
Albuquerque, NM 87103
Phone: (505) 765-5900  Fax: (505) 768-7395
(Whether Rodey Law Firm clients are lenders or borrowers, small locally owned businesses or Fortune 500 companies, their Business Department attorneys have the expertise to help. Their experience includes assisting lenders and borrowers in negotiating and documenting complex financing transactions, workouts, and loan acquisitions; representing clients in foreclosures and other commercial and banking litigation, and working with financial institutions in regulatory and business matters.)

Aaron McGregor, Regional Director of Sales
7910 Stone Ridge Dr
Northlake, TX 79247
Phone: (940) 507-3614  Fax: (515) 248-5828
(SHAZAM is the only nationwide independent, member-owned debit network, processor and core provider supporting community banks. Since we don’t answer to shareholders, we can reinvest profits in technologies our clients need as they serve the next generation of consumers. SHAZAM ensures our clients have the products and services they demand and expect in a cost-effective way. Founded in 1976, we’re a leader in payments and financial technology, with a simple mission: Strengthening community financial institutions. Learn more at, and follow @SHAZAMNetwork)

The Baker Group
Gerry Skousen, Associate Partner
1601 Northwest Expressway, 20th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Phone: (800) 937-2257  Fax: (405) 415-7392
(The Baker Group is one of the nation’s largest independently owned securities firms specializing in investment portfolio and interest rate risk management for community financial institutions nationwide. After decades of industry service, The Baker Group continues to grow and adapt in order to better serve their financial partners.)

The Loan Fund
Leroy Pacheco, President & CEO
PO Box 705
Albuquerque, NM 87103
Phone: (505) 243-3196  Fax: (505) 243-8803
(The New Mexico Community Development Loan Fund (dba the Loan Fund) is a nonprofit community lender providing loans and lines of credit to small businesses, business startups, and nonprofits throughout New Mexico that typically are unable to obtain financing through traditional lending sources.)  

The Walker Agency, LLC
Linda Walker, Owner
1501 San Juan Blvd., Ste. 201
Farmington, NM  87401
(The Walker Agency is a family-owned and operated independent insurance agency offering all lines of insurance. Since 1984, the Walker Agency has accumulated over 30 years of experience serving the community. Their tradition of excellence and wide-ranging network of top-notch insurance carriers ensures that their clients will receive the best coverage possible at a reasonable price.)

Luke Shoemaker, Senior Sales Executive
One Williams Center
Tulsa, OK   74172
Phone: (325) 280-2779
(TransFund is a national top 10 EFT/ATM network and card processor, with a record of providing innovative products and superior service that help our clients generate revenue that far exceeds their cost of investment. With over 45 years of experience in the financial services industry, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities facing financial institutions, allowing us to customize unique debit card and credit card solutions that can evolve with technology and demand. We know that your success is directly related to your ability to serve customers effectively, efficiently and with quality products. For this reason, TransFund is dedicated to delivering unique solutions which provide the highest possible value.)

Brandon Tate, Account Executive
10825 E Geddes Ave, 3rd floor
Centennial, CO  80112
Phone: (720) 200-8465
(Travelers has flexible insurance options for a wide spectrum of financial institution professionals, including coverages for banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investment advisers, hedge fund, and mutual funds, venture capital, and private equity firms.)

USDA Rural Development
Ray F. Melton, Business & Cooperatives Program Director
300 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 4
Roswell, NM 88201
Phone: (575) 622-8745, ext. 3323
(The USDA Rural Development provides financial backing and technical assistance to stimulate business creation and growth. Loans, loan guarantees, and grants are available to individuals, businesses, cooperatives, farmers and ranchers, public bodies & non-profit corporations.)

Whit-Co Checks
Mike Foust, President
PO Box 664
Amarillo, TX 79105-0664
Phone: (800) 753-7773  Fax: (800) 777-5181
(Printers; Check Printing; Rubber Stamp & Interior Signage) 

Wolf & Company, P.C.
Stephanie Creedon
1500 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01115
Phone: (413) 726-6856 
(Wolf & Company is a national CPA and business consulting firm with a regional feel, providing assurance, tax, risk management, and business consulting services to nearly 450 institutions across the United States. With over a century of experience working with financial institutions, we pride ourselves on personalized client service and unparalleled guidance that includes direct involvement from our senior management combined with responsive service from our multi-disciplinary team. Through our collaborative service strategy, we understand our clients’ challenges and opportunities, and work with them to achieve their business goals while navigating potential obstacles.)