Community Banker University

Independent Community Bankers of America offers a multitude of educational opportunities. Their opportunities are a great supplement to what we offer here at ICBA/NM.  When attending ICBA/NM Events, you can request a  letter of attendance that can be submitted to ICBA for continuing education credit towards their certification programs. When registering for Community Banker University events, please use the association code ICBA-NM under the apply discount button. 

Learn more about Community Banker University's educational offerings below. 

Certification Institute
ICBA certification programs are designed to raise the standards of professionalism in the industry and give consumers a consistent stamp of approval to look for when selecting a banker. 
To make this happen, respected members of the ICBA certification board establish baseline criteria in several areas of specialization. Then, experienced, nationally recognized instructors create training programs that target the needs of community banks based on those criteria. Finally, competency testing is measured after completion and a certification designation is granted. Annual continuing professional education is then required to ensure participants remain current.
Community Banker University is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:
Certification Offerings:

Bank Director Program 

The Bank Director Program provides exclusive director-related training, tailored to meet the needs of your board.  The program includes bi-monthly newsletters, online training courses, new director training videos, governance and employment law hotlines, and preferred pricing on resources and events.  Train your entire board for one low price. This program is a must have for all bank directors.  To learn more, click here.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a comprehensive, innovative leadership training program. The curriculum provides community bankers with the opportunity to learn leadership skills, technical banking subject matter and demonstrates how advocacy efforts impact the banking industry. The program is comprised of both online coursework and in-person events providing for networking and peer engagement.  The Leadership Academy teaches the necessary skills to move your employees forward within your organization. To learn more, click here. 

Online Training Information
Looking to train your entire staff? Choose a plan to meet your needs that offer access to more than 425 courses.
Resources and Reference Guide Information
Publications/Reference guides
Bank Director Bible -Coming Soon!

Bank Director Glossary
Bank Director Glossary contains more than 200 pages of customary terms used by regulators, executive officers, industry consultants, and attorneys including the latest financial regulations and industry terminology every director needs to understand. 

Bank Policies
Alleviate the tedious task of developing bank policies from scratch. These policies provide a quick reference with thorough, easy-to-read instructions to guide your bank through the policy development or revision process.
There are over 100 policies available, covering everything from compliance to lending and social media. Policies are provided in an editable Word document, so you can quickly customize these policies to work for your bank.

Boardroom Strategies for FI’s
Boardroom Strategies for Financial Institutions focuses on the relationships among board members and how to be effective inside the boardroom. It is a must have for new and experienced board members. This book is a companion book to The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors, Revised Edition.

The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors
The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors provides bank directors with the knowledge and insight necessary for performing their fiduciary responsibilities conscientiously and effectively. This is a must read for every board member or bank executive aspiring to become a director.

Audit Working Papers
Establish strong audit procedures to help support your bank's internal control environment and mitigate institution risk. Ensure a complete and comprehensive cross-departmental audit scope with this customizable resource that can be scaled to fit the size, complexity, and risk profile of your bank.
Topic areas are organized by Excel Workbooks. Each workbook may contain worksheets for the work program, internal control questionnaires, internal memos, testing and review checklists.

Bank Compliance Check Up
The Bank Compliance Checkup Program provides a cmprehensive system for on-going monitoring of your bank’s compliance with Deposit, Lending, Administrative and IT/Tech/Security regulations. Your subscription includes Excel checklists, that when completed, will provide a report of satisfactory compliance or deficiencies.

Compliance Desk Book & Bulletin Service
The ICBA Compliance Deskbook is the industry’s premier resource for compliance information. Find everything in one spot! Access regulations, important dates, agency guidance, questionnaires, and other resources in one place. You’ll also receive notifications on the latest updates to existing regulations and new regulations. 

Compliance Working Papers
The compliance working papers are essential for monitoring your financial institution’s compliance with federal consumer compliance laws and regulations. This electronic resource can be saved to your computer desktop or office network to ensure easy access to the compliance working papers and updates.
Compliance working papers topics include, compliance program management, lending compliance, deposit compliance, BSA/AML compliance, and advertising compliance. Each regulatory topic includes, a summary of related regulations, action plans, and checklists.

Bank Director Video Series
The Bank Director Video Series features 7 different presentations that vary from 14-20 minutes in length. These can be used during board meetings, for annual training, new director training or topic refreshers.

BSA/AML Training Series
Staff training is a core requirement of a satisfactory Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) compliance program. Examiners specifically look for BSA/AML training by job category when measuring the effectiveness of a bank's program. 
The BSA/AML Video Training Series - Updated in 2021 - is a must-have training tool that allows you to offer training that is specific to employees and particular job categories. Videos include, BSA officer and staff, frontline and operations staff, lenders and lending staff, senior management and the board of directors, general staff. 

2023 Community Banker University Schedule

Feb. 22 
Troubled Loans and Credit Management Seminar (Virtual) 

Feb. 26 - Mar. 3 
Compliance Institute  (In-Person -Dallas TX)

Feb. 28 - Mar. 2 
Bank Security Institute (Virtual)

Mar. 28 - 30
Credit Analyst Institute (Virtual)

Apr. 4 - 6
Fraud Seminar (Virtual)

Apr. 4 - 6 & Apr. 11- 13 
Commercial Lending Institute (Virtual)

Apr. 13
Bank Director Forum – Session 1 (Virtual)

Apr. 18-20 & Apr. 25-27 
IT Institute (Virtual)

Apr. 18 - 19
Loan Review Seminar (Virtual)

Apr. 20 - 21
Advanced Loan Review Seminar (Virtual)

Apr. 26
Agricultural Credit Analysis Seminar (Virtual)

May 2 - 4 
BSA/AML Institute (Virtual)

May 3 - 4
FDICIA Seminar (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

May 10
Call Report Seminar (Virtual)

May 11
Advanced Call Report Seminar (virtual)

May 16 - 18 & May 23 - 25 
Audit Institute (Virtual)

May 16
Financial Statement Analysis Seminar (Virtual )

May 17
Cash Flow Analysis Seminar (Virtual)

May 24- 25
Community Bank Mergers & Acquisitions Seminar (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

Jun. 1
Bank Director Forum – Session 2 (Virtual)

Jun. 6 - 8 & Jun 13-15
Compliance Institute (Virtual)

Jun. 14
Commercial Real Estate Lending Seminar (Virtual)

Jun. 15
Analyzing Your Bank’s Financial Statement (Virtual)

Jun. 26-28
Risk Management Institute (In-Person, St. Louis, MO)

Aug. 1 - 2
Vendor Management Seminar (Virtual)

Aug. 2
Agricultural Credit Analysis Seminar (Virtual)

Aug. 3
Troubled Loans and Credit Management Seminar (Virtual)

Aug. 7 -9
BSA/AML Institute  (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

Aug. 14 -15
CFO Forum (In-Person, Kansas City, MO)

Aug. 15 - 17
Credit Analyst Institute (Virtual)

Aug. 16 - 18
Community Bank Human Resources Seminar (In-Person, Kansas City, MO)

Aug. 20 - 25
Commercial Lending Institute (In-Person, St. Louis, MO)

Aug. 22 - 24
Advanced IT Seminar (Virtual)

Aug. 28 - 30
Bank Security Institute (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

Sept. 7
Bank Director Forum – Session 3 (Virtual)

Sept. 10 - 13
Consumer Lending Institute (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

Sept. 17 - 22
Audit Institute (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

Sept. 20 - 22
Community Bank Marketing Seminar (In-Person, Nashville, TN)

Sept. 25 - 28 
Annual Current Issues/Certification Conference (Virtual)

Oct. 1 - 4
Credit Analyst Institute (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

Oct. 1 - 6
Compliance Institute (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

Oct. 11 - 12
IT General Controls Seminar (Virtual) 

Oct. 11 -13
Annual Directors Conference (In-Person, Carlsbad, CA)

Oct. 15 -19
IT Institute (In-Person, Bloomington, MN)

Oct. 23 - 26
Annual Current Issues/Certification Conference (In-Person, San Antonio, TX)

Nov. 7 - 9
BSA/AML Institute (Virtual)

Nov. 16
Bank Director Forum – Session 4 (Virtual)