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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Webinar - Opening Business Accounts: Entities, Documentation, Authority & Regulatory Requirements

Start Date: 8/20/2020 1:00 PM MDT
End Date: 8/20/2020 2:30 PM MDT

United States 

This webinar will provide the tools needed to properly establish accounts for businesses and organizations. Business accounts generally have higher balances than consumer accounts. Therefore, improper set-up or management may bring higher risks, including fraudulent transactions, unauthorized parties or account opening, money laundering, and other financial crimes.
Beyond required documentation for each business type, this webinar will address your financial institution’s responsibilities and liabilities in handling everyday transactions, such as checking account rules, requirements for secure online banking access, origination of checks and ACH authorizations, and deposits of remotely created checks. In addition, Bank Secrecy Act compliance requires more due diligence than typical consumer accounts.
Attendance certificate provided to self-report CE credits.