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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Webinar - Critical CIP & CDD Issues: Compliance, Beneficial Ownership & FAQs

Start Date: 8/18/2021 9:00 AM MDT
End Date: 8/18/2021 10:30 AM MDT

United States 

Your original Customer Identification Program (CIP) was probably written in 2003.  Has it changed?  This webinar will explore updating your CIP in light of new systems, processes, and 2021 technology.  Your program should shift with the new technologies and identifications in the marketplace.  This program will look at the regulation line-by-line and point out avenues of change to explore in 2021.
What does it mean to “know” your accountholder?  When is it required to ask purpose, source, and anticipated volume questions?  How can program compliance be enforced within your institution?  These questions are hard and the pending CDD legislation doesn’t help.  This program will evaluate the CDD and EDD regulations and exam guidance, plus provide ideas on how to proceed with a program that is sales friendly to the accountholder.