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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Webinar - Ag Lending Compliance

Start Date: 4/27/2022 1:00 PM MDT
End Date: 4/27/2022 2:30 PM MDT

United States 

Agriculture. Everyone knows the meaning of the word. But when an applicant presents unique circumstances, can you accurately determine whether the request meets an ag exemption or should be handled as a consumer loan? As Americans build barndominiums, grow flowers and produce for the local farmer’s market, and purchase farms for country living, it is important for lending staff to understand how to apply compliance regulations to ag-related loan requests and know when an ag exemption is available. The US Department of Agriculture defines a farm as any place from which $1,000 or more worth of agricultural products are produced and sold during a given year. Therefore, even if you are not your institution’s ag lender, it is highly likely that you will encounter a loan application that includes some agricultural aspect.
This webinar will delve into the consumer compliance regulations and specifically focus on definitions and exemptions that relate to agriculture. As more and more people become involved in nontraditional agricultural activities, it is imperative that these lending requests are properly processed. Having spent her whole life on a working farm, presenter Molly Stull can speak from experience as she explains regulatory compliance requirements in the context of the agriculture industry.
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