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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Webinar - Things That Keep Boards Up at Night

Start Date: 7/20/2022 1:00 PM MDT
End Date: 7/20/2022 2:30 PM MDT

United States 

There was a time when there was no safer place to be than in the boardroom. But the time-honored tradition of service is getting tougher all the time and the concept of a safe haven is long gone. Today’s boards are faced with increasing pressure to stay informed of the complex regulatory and business realities of the financial services marketplace. From new regulations being crafted daily to balance sheet pressures caused by an eroding economy, there are landmines everywhere for an unprepared board member. As class action litigation continues to spread, there is always a risk that someone will attempt to hold directors liable for actions taken on behalf of the financial institution.
The concept of risk is foundational to financial institution operations. The regulators know it; institutions are evaluated based on a risk-focused examination program. The executive team knows it; key operational elements require regular risk assessments. Risk simply means the probability of something bad happening. But without risk, there is no reward. Rather than shy away from all risk, a well-run institution will evaluate the risk and design its strategy accordingly. Join veteran financial services attorney David Reed as he reviews the top emerging risks directors should consider as they guide their institutions toward new opportunities.


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