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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Webinar - Financial Exploitation & Elder Fraud

Start Date: 11/9/2022 1:00 PM MST
End Date: 11/9/2022 2:30 PM MST

United States 

One of the toughest problems for a financial institution is when a call arrives, or a person walks in, with a potential elder fraud issue. If a family member is a victim, the question may become, “Why didn’t you do anything to protect my mother?” If it is the victim themselves, their tears will tear you apart when they relay the story of the romance scam, lottery scam, or caretaker who took advantage of them. Criminals know who they want to target and have found ways to get close to their victims. They know exactly how to manipulate targets and don’t care what happens to them after the scam. Many victims will not admit it or are unwilling to prosecute the criminals because they don’t want anyone to know they were deceived. This webinar will review how the attacks work and how to get the victims help if possible.


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