What is ICBA/NM PAC?

The ICBA/NM Political Action Committee is a non-partisan statewide political action committee that seeks to support the election of both challengers and incumbent state lawmakers who support community banking.  Only with the proper business environment can community banks maintain safety and soundness standards and grow and thrive in New Mexico.

Who can contribute?

YOU!  Also, corporate contributions can be made by state banks and bank holding companies (regardless of the charters of their bank subsidiaries).  Although nationally-chartered institutions are prohibited from making corporate contributions, individuals associated with national banks may personally contribute.  Officers, directors, staff, and friends may make personal contributions at any time.

How are donations distributed?

The ICBA/NM PAC Committee decides how to allocate the funds to best serve the community banking industry based on their knowledge of the candidates.  ICBA/NM also invites ICBA/NM members to recommend candidates for financial support. 

Why should I contribute?

Every year, competitor interest groups, regulatory agencies, and consumer groups initiate legislation affecting the banking industry in New Mexico.  In addition, the big banks have representation not just from their trade associations, but also from in-house representation and counsel.  They also administer their own political action committees to influence policymakers.

Your PAC contribution helps ICBA/NM  to defeat legislation deemed harmful to community banks and support legislation that would be considered positive for our industry.


Does ICBA have a PAC?

Yes!  The Independent Community Bankers Political Action Committee (ICBPAC) is the non-partisan political action committee of the ICBA, the nation’s voice for community banks.  ICBPAC is the only federal PAC dedicated exclusively to representing the community banking industry.  If you are a member of ICBA and would like more information about ICBPAC

To learn more and donate, click here.