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On-Demand Training:

Board Essentials 
Need to liven up board training? This seleciton of bite-sized board topics is just the ticket!  Each of the six modules is 20-40 minutes - perfect for use during board meetings. The topics are timeless, necessary knowledge for all directors. order the Board Essentials for your directors today!

Board Essentials Modules:
  1. The Board’s Role with BSA
  2. The Board’s Role with Cyber Security
  3. The Board’s Role with Risk Management
  4. Reg O for Directors
  5. Board Membership Basics
  6. Director Liability
2020 Webinar Series: 

Frontline Fundamentals Series 
Onboard your frontline staff with a solid foundation in banking, regulations, hands-on procedures, and customer service wiht this series of 4 essential, shelf-stable recorded webinars!

Topics include:
  • Introduction to US Banking & the Payments System
  • Regulations & Compliance: The Big Picture
  • Essentials of Endorsements, Negotiable Instruments & Cash Handling
  • Delivering Customer Service Excellence
Deposit Account Series 
Every interaction is an opportunity to meet a need with excellence. New Account? Overdraft? Deposit with cash back? Stop payment? Power-of-attorney? Do you have the knowledge and confidence to efficiently handle a wide array of deposit account issues - compliantly?

Topics include:
  • Compliance at Account Opening
  • UCC 3 & 4 Check Issues: Stop Payments, Postdated, Stale-Dated & Endorsements
  • Banking Cannabis Businesses: Hemp, CBD, THC & More
  • Deposit Operations Update 2020
  • Advanced New Account Issues: POAs, Trusts, Estates & More
  • 10 Overdraft Hotspots, Including Regulations, Lawsuits & Guidance

Commercial Lending Series 

What makes a good commercial lender? You must be a financial analyst, loan portfolio manager, product expert, and compliance specialist - and be able to assess the market and credit outlook. 

Topics include:
  • Commercial Loan Documentation
  • Managing a Commercial Construction Loan: Start to Finish
  • Commercial Flood Insurance Rules & Best Practices
  • Commercial Loan Workouts, Restructuring & Loss Mitigation
  • Commercial Loans Secured by Real Estate
  • Analyzing Commercial Tax Returns: Forms 1065, 1120, 1120S & K-1s

Growth & Transformation Series 
Regulatory relief, emerging technology, and changing demographics have opened up a world of growth opportunity for financial institutions.

Topics Include:
  • Driving Engagement with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Banking Millennials: The Next Generation of Revenue
  • Digital Marketing Strategies: What’s Working in 2020?
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Lenders

Cyber Series 
Innovation vs. protection.Striking the right balance between the two is the cornerstone of the modern IT world. This series will provide the tools needed to foster innovation, address threats, and maintain privacy in today's rapidly changing digital landscape.

Topics include:
  • Layered Cybersecurity: Finding the Best Strategy for Your Bank
  • Cybersecurity Assessment Tool 2.0 & GLBA Privacy
  • GLBA Security Expectations, Internal Controls & the Human Factor
  • Building & Sustaining a Cyber Intelligence Unit (CIU)

Risk Officer Series  
Risk Management is more complex than ever before, Risk officers play a critical role at your financial institution and need the right tools and training to succeed!

Topics include:

  • The 15 Worst Security Mistakes
  • A Year in the Life of a Compliance Officer: Tips, Tools & Annual Requirements
  • Advanced BSA Officer Training: Risk, Compliance & Real-Life Scenarios
  • Risk Management Officer: Expectations & Responsibilities