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On-Demand Training:

Board Essentials 
Need to liven up board training? This seleciton of bite-sized board topics is just the ticket!  Each of the six modules is 20-40 minutes - perfect for use during board meetings. The topics are timeless, necessary knowledge for all directors. order the Board Essentials for your directors today!

Board Essentials Modules:
  1. The Board’s Role with BSA
  2. The Board’s Role with Cyber Security
  3. The Board’s Role with Risk Management
  4. Reg O for Directors
  5. Board Membership Basics
  6. Director Liability
2022 Webinar Series: 

ACH Series 
This fact-filled series addresses recent ACH changes and will equip your staff with the knowledge to properly handle an assortment of intricate ACH situations.

Topics include:
  • Quick Start Guide to ACH for the Frontline
  • The Green Book & Government Payments Explained
  • 2022 ACH Rules Update, Including Faster Payments
  • ACH Origination: Internal, Loans, Transfers & More
  • Decoding ACH Return Reason Codes
  • Electronic Payment Fraud: When Is Your Institution Liable?

Call Report Series 

This series tackles multiple aspects of Call Report preparation, including fundamentals, recent updates, classifications, and regulatory capital.

Topics include:
  • Call Report Update 2022
  • Call Reporting Basics
  • Understanding Call Report Regulatory Capital: Standards, Ratios, Risk Weighting
  • Call Report Loan Classifications

Consumer Lending Series 

Consumer lending is the heartbeat of every financial institution – but compliant loans require great attention to detail. This series takes you from application to approval and beyond to provide the information needed to improve your program and ensure compliance.

Topics include:
  • Consumer Underwriting 101: From Application to Approval
  • Consumer Lending Collateral Considerations & Documentation
  • Proper Repossession, Notice & Sale of Non-Real Estate Collateral
  • Consumer Lending Regulatory Essentials: Fair Lending, UDAAP, Privacy & More

Deposit Ops Series 
Operations staff play a crucial role in making financial institutions run effectively, efficiently, and compliantly. This one-of-a-kind series delves into the procedures and systems that affect deposit operations personnel most.

Topics Include:
  • Interest Reporting for Nonresident Aliens: Foreign & US Taxpayer ID Numbers
  • Writing New Account Procedures
  • Opening Accounts Online: CIP, CDD, Documentation & More
  • Payment Systems Bootcamp
  • Handling Trusts & Other Fiduciary Accounts
  • Deposit Operations Comprehensive Compliance, Including BSA

Frontline Series 
Every frontline staff member will benefit from the wide-ranging topics in this series developed specifically for them. Today’s tellers must have a broad spectrum of knowledge to effectively serve (and preserve) accountholders.  

Topics include:
  • Minor Accounts: Ownership, CIP, Access, Changes & Transactions
  • Maintaining Consumer Accounts: Adding Names, Changing Names, Removing Owners, Changing Product Types & More
  • Maintaining Business Accounts: Changing Principals, Changing Signers, Resolutions, Changing Products & More
  • Checking Account Signature Cards: CIP, IRS & Disclosures
  • Reg CC Check Hold Requirements & Funds Availability
  • Checks, Mobile Deposits, Substitute Checks: Indemnities, Endorsements & Timeframes