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2018 Webinar Series: 

Call Report Series- Topics include
  • Introduction to Call Report Preparation
  • Examining Bank Assets, Liabilities & Income in Call Report Preparation
  • Preparing Call Report Basis Lending Schedules: Coding, Classification & Loan Loss Allowance
  • Call Report Preparation Schedule RC-R, Regulatory Capital & the Capital Conservation Buffer
  • Complex Call Report Lending Schedule Preparation
  • Improving Efficiency in Call Report Preparation: Documentation, Accuracy & Common Errors

Compliance Series- Topics include
  • Job-Specific Compliance Training for the Frontline
  • Compliance Rules All Staff Must Know: Red Flags for Indentity Theft, Bribery, Privacy & Ethical Considerations
  • Job-Specific Compliance Training for Lenders
  • Regulatory Requirements for the Board & Senior Management
  • Job-Specific Compliance Training for Deposit Operations
  • Robbery Preparedness: Requirements & Proven Strategies

Consumer Debt Series  
- Topics Include
  • Credit Reporting & Delinquent Accounts: Disputes, Revisions, Recent Guidance & More
  • Managing Chapter 7 & 13 Consumer Bankruptcies: Special Rules, Cramdowns & Risks
  • Real Estate Loan Workouts, Deeds in Lieu, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Deficiency Judgements & Receiverships
  • Reducing Consumer Loan & Colleciton Losses: Workouts, Forebearance, Restructuring & More.
  • Maximizing Recoveries on Charged-Off Loans
  • Proper Repossessio, Notice & Sales of Non-Real Estate Collateral

Credit Analysis & Underwriting Series- Topics include
  • Loan Underwriting 101: Interviewing, Credit Reports, Debt Ratios & Regulation B
  • Debt Service Coverage Calculations in Underwriting
  • Creating Effective Credit Memos & Loan Narratives
  • Global Cash Flow Analysis for Underwriters & Credit Analysts

Cyber Series - Topics include
  • Emerging IT Technologies 2018: What Are They? & Do They Matter?
  • FFIEC Cyber Security Assessment Tool: Issues & Answers
  • Beginning IT Officer Training
  • Expanding & Improving Your Required IT Risk Assessment Program
  • Cyber Threats: Prevention, Detection & Response
  • Compliance Questions & Issues in Deploying Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Director Series - Topics include
  • Directors' Roles & Responsibilities When a Data Breach Occurs
  • Strategic Planning Years 1, 3, & 5: Scope, Techniques & Drafting Plan
  • Regulator Expectations i8n Capital Planning
  • Assessing Credit Risk for Directors
IRA Series - Topics Include
  • 2018 IRA & HSA Update & Hot Topics
  • IRA Overview: Traditional & Roth IRA & SEP Plans
  • Current IRA Issues, Including Divorce, IRS Levies, Bankruptcies & Creditor Claims
  • Understanding IRA Beneficiary Designations, Death Distributions & Required Minimum Distributions
  • IRA Conversions, Recharacterizations & Excess Contributions
  • Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes
Marketing Series - Topics Include
  • Advertising Compliance for Electronic, Website, TV & Radio Promotions
  • Developing, Maintaining & Sustaining Brand Loyalty
  • Advertising & the New Media Mix: What's Right For Your Bank?
  • Measuring Your ROI on Your Digital Marketing Strategy

New Account Series - Topics Include
  • Opening Consumer Accounts: Regulators, CDD & Documents
  • Opening Deposit Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Opening Business Accounts: Entities, Documenation, Authority & Deposit Insurance Issues
  • Opening Minor Accounts: Signature Cards, Access, Ownership
  • Opening Accounts for Nonresident Aliens

New Webinar Series! 
Available only via recorded webinar + free digital download

Frontline Fundamentals Series
4 Part Series

- Introduction to US Banking & the Payments System
-Regulations & Compliance: The Big Picture
-Essentials of Endorsements, Negotiable Instruments & Cash Handling
-Delivering Customer Service Excellence

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