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Welcome to the Independent Community Bankers Association of New Mexico!

Community banking is not just about the consumer choice, it's a spirit that drives our entire industry.

ICBA/NM's member banks are headquartered in communities all across our state. Our rotts run deep. New Mexico's community banks eploy thousands of New Mexicans, provide professional, personal financial services for consumers and small businesses, and make banking decisions right where their customers live and work. That's an important distinction in today's marketplace. Further, community bank directors, officers, and employees take an active interest in their communities are are deeply committed to the neighborhoods they serve.

ICBA/NM believes these contributions to our communities are well worth preserving. It's all part of the Spirit of Community Banking.
We proudly join thousands of community banks across the nation and are an active member and supporter of the Independent Community Bankers of America, the nation's voice for community banking.


Who We Are

The Independent Community Bankers Association of New Mexico was founded in the mid 1980's by a group of New Mexico bankers concerned with the expansion of large, national and regional banks into the state.

The members of ICBA/NM retained government relations professionals to represent them during a period in which proponents of interstate banking sought legislative authority to expand into New Mexico. After several years of long, bitter battles the New Mexico Legislature eventually allowed interestate banking.

The organization continues to support retention of the "Dual Banking System" - a system of state-chartered and federally-chartered banks.

There are thirty-eight chartered institutions in New Mexico that are eligible for membership in ICBA/NM. All thirty-eight of these banks are ICBA/NM members. 

The offices of ICBA/NM are located in Farmington, New Mexico.


Teresa Molina, President of First New Mexico Bank in Deming, New Mexico, is Chairman of the Independent Community Bankers Association of New Mexico.

Our Chair-Elect is Ed Robertson, President of MyBank in Belen, New Mexico.

Bret Mills, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of First American Bank in Artesia, New Mexico serves as Vice Chairman.

David Prather Executive Vice President of FNB New Mexico in Clayton, New Mexico serves as Secretary/Treasurer.

The President & CEO of ICBA/NM is Jerry C. Walker.